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Ralph Wallis is a lesser-known but prolific photographer who took up the camera in the 1950’s. His career in photography began at the Yorkshire Evening News where he worked as a photojournalist alongside childhood friend and actor, Peter O’Toole. Ralph documented life on the streets of Leeds and unknowingly also captured a visual record of the city now transformed by the passing of time.

Ralph went onto to become a photography technician at Leeds College Of Art and subsequently Lecturer In Charge of Photography. At that time there were no photography facilities so he decided to create the very first darkroom at the Vernon Street campus. Coincidentally I also attended the college and learnt to process film within the Vernon Street darkroom, however not the same one that Ralph developed.

After his time at the College he emigrated to Canada where he worked as a staff photographer for Vancouver Life and Guide Magazine. Ralph has remained in Vancouver and still wields the camera to this day.

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Printed and Bound by InPrint Colour


Cover: Foiled, 300 gsm

Inner: Uncoated 150gsm

Perfect Bound

Limited Edition of 250

Self-Published March 2016

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This photo book accompanies the project, Within You Without You.

In order to represent the way the images have been blended together I printed onto a mixture of plain and acetate paper. The translucency of the acetate enabled me to overlay the photographs and also demonstrate the idea of Simultaneity; two separate events happening at the same time but brought together within one frame

I reproduced this effect for my Graduate show by printing the images onto perspex and suspending them in front of each other.


Perfect Bound 

Digital Print 


Blind De-Bossed 

35 Pages


Within You Without You Exhibition
Within You Without You Exhibition


A limited edition book of Punk photographs taken at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. Featuring digital offset and risograph print work, which have been blended together through the use of short pages.

Cover: 300 gsm Olin Uncoated Digital Offset Print
Inner Pages: Olin 120 gsm - Digital Offset and Riso Print
Saddle Stitched
Edition of 5

Published August 2015
Printed and Bound by Ditto Press

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